2020 The Racket 

poem: “They banned abortion in Georgia”


2019 Louisiana’s Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology

poem: “m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i”
poem: “snake children”


2017 Hobart Park

poem: “bloom, swell, blister”
poem: “bone white”
prose: “the Thursday after the thunder”


2016 Libertas Magazine

prose: “Attapulgus”
poem: “sweetened & steeped I-IV”
poem: “I come from mammals”




2017 Charles E. Lloyd Winner, judged by Cynthia Hogue

prose: “Lake Bird”

2016 Vereen Bell Memorial Award, judged by A. Van Jordan

poem: “sweetened & steeped I-IV”

2016 Charles E. Lloyd Winner, judged by Randy Fertel

prose: “Attapulgus”

2015 Vereen Bell Memorial Award, judged by Tony Earley

poem: “when God created the animals”

2014 R. Windley Hall Award, judged by Philip Gerard

prose: “Blackwater”



2019 International guest poet at Madagaslam Poetry Festival, Antanarivo, Madagascar

2017 Poetry featured at Annual Mid-Atlantic North Region Conference, American College Dance Association, University of Maryland


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