2021 (forthcoming) Ruminate (62)

poem: “taxonomy: bird”

2021 Southern Humanities Review (54.4)

poem: “How women smell blood”
2021 PRISM International (59.4)
poem: “The archaeology magazine”
2021 Another New Calligraphy
poem: “Phantom Cry Phenomenon”
art: “some we call weeds”
2019 Louisiana’s Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology, Z Publishing House
poem: “m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i”
poem: “Snake Children”
North Carolina's Emerging Writers
2018 North Carolina’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Fiction, Z Publishing House
prose: “Gray”
2017 Hobart Park
poem: “Bloom, Swell, Blister”
poem: “Bone White”
prose: “The Thursday After the Thunder”
art: “three sisters”
2016 Libertas Magazine (23.2)
prose: “Attapulgus”
poem: “Sweetened & Steeped I-IV”
poem: “I come from mammals”


2022 Hopwood Prize in Drama, Second Place, judged by Marisa Carr and Khadijah Queen
drama: “Albeit, Amelia”
2022 Theodore Roethke Prize Finalist, judged by John Murillo and Traci Brimhall
poems: “Taxonomy of Salt”
2022 Meader Family Award, judged by Victoria Chang and Airea D. Matthews
poems: “All the Little Beasts”
2021 Sappho Poetry Prize Finalist, judged by Maggie Smith
poem: “How I Became a Mother I-III”
2021 Bain-Swiggett Poetry Prize, judged by Tariq Luthun and Mairead Small Staid
poem: “Spontaneous Generation, as spiritual practice”
2021 Theodore Roethke Prize Finalist, judged by Srikanth Reddy
poems: “Lot’s Daughter”
2021 Witness Literary Awards Finalist
poem: “The archaeology magazine”
2017 Charles E. Lloyd Winner, judged by Cynthia Hogue
prose: “Lake Bird”
2016 Vereen Bell Memorial Award, judged by Tony Earley
poem: “Sweetened & Steeped I-IV”
2016 Charles E. Lloyd Winner, judged by Randy Fertel
prose: “Attapulgus”
2015 Vereen Bell Memorial Award, judged by A. Van Jordan
poem: “When God Created the Animals”
2014 R. Windley Hall Award, judged by Philip Gerard
prose: “Blackwater”







2019 International guest poet at Madagaslam Poetry Festival, Antananarivo, Madagascar

2017 “When God Created the Animals” featured with performance at Annual Mid-Atlantic North Region Conference, American College Dance Association, University of Maryland