(forthcoming) 2022 American Poetry Review
“Taxonomy: Bird”
2022 Ruminate (62.1)
“How women smell blood”
2021 Southern Humanities Review (54.4)
“The Archaeology Magazine”
2021 PRISM International (59.4)
“Phantom Cry Phenomenon”
“some we call weeds” (art)
2021 Another New Calligraphy
“Snake Children”
2019 Louisiana’s Best Emerging Poets: An Anthology, Z Publishing House
“Bone White”
“Bloom, Swell, Blister”
“The Thursday After the Thunder,”
“three sisters”
(cover art)
2017 Hobart Park
“Sweetened & Steeped I-IV”
“I come from mammals”
2016 Libertas Magazine (23.2)


2022 Hopwood Prize in Drama, Second Place, judged by Marisa Carr and Khadijah Queen

drama: “Albeit, Amelia”

2022 Theodore Roethke Prize Finalist, judged by John Murillo and Traci Brimhall

poems: “Taxonomy of Salt”

2022 Meader Family Award, judged by Victoria Chang and Airea D. Matthews

poems: “All the Little Beasts”

2021 Sappho Poetry Prize Finalist, judged by Maggie Smith

poem: “How I Became a Mother I-III”

2021 Bain-Swiggett Poetry Prize, judged by Tariq Luthun and Mairead Small Staid

poem: “Spontaneous Generation, as spiritual practice”

2021 Theodore Roethke Prize Finalist, judged by Srikanth Reddy

poems: “Lot’s Daughter”

2021 Witness Literary Awards Finalist

poem: “The archaeology magazine”

2017 Charles E. Lloyd Winner, judged by Cynthia Hogue

prose: “Lake Bird”

2016 Vereen Bell Memorial Award, judged by Tony Earley

poem: “Sweetened & Steeped I-IV”

2016 Charles E. Lloyd Winner, judged by Randy Fertel

prose: “Attapulgus”

2015 Vereen Bell Memorial Award, judged by A. Van Jordan

poem: “When God Created the Animals”

2014 R. Windley Hall Award, judged by Philip Gerard

prose: “Blackwater”





2019 International guest poet at Madagaslam Poetry Festival, Antananarivo, Madagascar

2017 “When God Created the Animals” featured with performance at Annual Mid-Atlantic North Region Conference, American College Dance Association, University of Maryland