teaching & editing

manuscript consultations

creative coaching

poetry workshops

application essays & portfolios

I treat writing as an act of tending and un-taming.

I’ve worked with a diverse range of writers, from seasoned authors seeking guidance on their latest projects to beginners taking their first steps.
I encourage my students to embrace their idiosyncrasies and experiment with different techniques, in order to help them discover new dimensions
of their creativity and develop their writerly identity.

send inquiries to carolinenew94@gmail.com

❊ manuscript consultations: Feedback on poetry and hybrid manuscripts, includes written feedback and a consultation call.

❊ creative coaching: Flexible use of time depending on goals, typically used to talk about ongoing projects or writing practice, 

❊ poetry workshops: Small group meetings, typically involve generative writing prompts and workshop discussion.

❊ application essays & portfolios: Review of essays and portfolios for social science programs (MA, MBA, and PhD) and arts programs (MFA and PhD). MFA applicants I’ve worked with have been accepted to Cornell, NYU, University of Michigan, Vanderbilt, Syracuse, and UT Austin (NWP), amongst others.


related experience

Arts Initiative Mentor & Workshop Leader at Univeristy of Michigan (2023-2024)

Dzanc Writer-in-Residence at Ann Arbor Open School (2022-2023)

Graduate Student Instructor at the University of Michigan (2021-2022)

Gilliam Writing Coach & Workshop Leader (2021-2023)

Poetry Reader at Michigan Quarterly Review (2020-2022)

English Instructor at Lycee Nato in Nato, Madagascar (2018-2020)