(forthcoming) “The Elephant Mother” & “Management of the Living” — Beloit Poetry Review

“Five Mile Swamp Fire” & “Run Away!” — Hood of Bone

“If I Teach Tomatoes to Climb Stalagmites, I Can Call This Cave a Garden” & “Salt Lick” — Colorado Review

“Auguries by Mouth” + recording — PoetTreeTown

“The Bathtub” & “Driving Through Dunedin” + interview — Driftwood Press

“Fieldnotes on the Red-Bellied Woodpecker” — Litbowl

“Patients Regain Song Before Speech” — Washington Post, Book World Newsletter

“Notes on Devotion” + interview — Cincinnati Review

“Interview with a Cervidologist” + interview — Malahat Review

“Elk Lake” — Palette Poetry

“Moon Song for My Mother” + reading — San Diego Annual Review

“Etymology of Chlorophyll” + interview — Bellevue Literary Review

“Have You Missed the Color Red?” + interview — Driftwood Press

“XI: [half-mouths all at once],” “XIV: [a doll half as
& “VII: [ways to be lonely]” — Michigan Quarterly Review: Mixtape

“Widdershins,” — American Poetry Review (51.6)

“Taxonomy: Bird” — Ruminate (62.1)

“The Archaeology Magazine — PRISM International (59.4)

“Phantom Cry Phenomenon” — Another New Calligraphy (6)

“How women smell blood” — Southern Humanities Review (54.4).

“They banned abortion in Georgia” — The Racket (2.31)

“Attapulgus” & “Sweetened & Steeped I-IV” — Libertas Magazine (23.1)


2023 Ballard Spahr Prize for Poetry, judged by Maggie Smith
book: A History of Half-Birds

2023 Love & Eros Prize, 3rd place, judged by Carl Phillips
poem: “Elk Lake, MI”

2023 Malahat Open Season Award, judged by Ki’en Debicki
poem: “Interview with a Cervidologist”

2023 Driftwood In-House Poem Contest Winner
poem: “The Bathtub”

2023 Adrienne Rich Award semifinalist, judged by Marie Howe
poem: “The Elephant Mother”

2022 Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Award semifinalist (Persea Press)
full-length collection: Parlor Tricks

2022 Adrift Chapbook Award finalist, judged by Carl Phillips (Driftwood Press)
chapbook: Enough to Fill Two Moons

2022 Steve Kowit Poetry Prize, second runner-up, judged by Kim Addonizio
poem: “Moon Song for My Mother”

2022 John & Eileen Allman Prize for Poetry, judged by Phillip B. Williams
poem: “Etymology of Chlorophyll”

2022 Robert & Adele Schiff Award Winner, judged by Rebecca Lindenberg
poem: “Notes on Devotion”

2022 Theodore Roethke Prize finalist, judged by John Murillo and Traci Brimhall
long poem: “Taxonomy of Salt”

2022 Meader Family Award, judged by Diane Seus, Kaveh Akbar, Victoria Chang, and Airea D. Matthews (University of Michigan)
book: All the Little Beasts

2022 Hopwood Graduate Poetry Award finalist, judged by Diane Seus, Kaveh Akbar, Victoria Chang, and Airea D. Matthews (University of Michigan)
book: All the Little Beasts

2021 New Millennium Writing Awards finalist
poem: “How to Teach a Boy from Queens to Swim”

2021 Sappho Poetry Prize finalist, judged by Maggie Smith
poem: “How I Became a Mother”

2021 Bain-Swiggett Poetry Prize, judged by Tariq Luthun and Mairead Small Staid
poem: “Spontaneous Generation, as Spiritual Practice”

2021 Theodore Roethke Prize finalist, judged by Srikanth Reddy
long poem: “Lot’s Daughter”

2021 Witness Literary Awards finalist, judged by Phillip B. Williams
poem: “The Archaeology Magazine”

2016 Vereen Bell Memorial Award, judged by Tony Earley
poem: “Sweetened & Steeped I-IV”

2015 Vereen Bell Memorial Award, judged by A. Van Jordan
poem: “When God Created the Animals”


2017 Charles E. Lloyd Winner, judged by Cynthia Hogue
nonfiction: “Lake Bird”

2016 Charles E. Lloyd Winner, judged by Randy Fertel
nonfiction: “Attapulgus”

2014 R. Windley Hall Award, judged by Philip Gerard
nonfiction: “Blackwater”


2022 Hopwood Prize in Drama, Second Place, judged by Marisa Carr and Khadijah Queen
drama: “Albeit, Amelia”

reviews & interviews

Review: “Learning ‘how / to make a house of our ruin’: A Review of Caroline Harper New’s A History of Half-Birds” by Matt Del Busto
Michigan Quarterly Review, April 2024

Interview: “U-M Writer-in-Residence, Caroline Harper New’s Poetry Book Unfolds Time and Explores Human-Animal Interplay” with Martha Stuit
Pulp, Feb 2024

Review: “Counterclockwise: Mythical Connotations in the Poems of A History of Half-Birds by Caroline Harper New” by Mikal Wix
West Trade Review, Jan 2024

Review: “A History of Half Birds” by Rebecca Morgan Frank
Poetry Foundation, Jan 2024

Interview: “Field Notes: David Eso in Conversation with Caroline Harper New”
Malahat Review, Spring 2023

Interview: “The Multi-Artist: Caroline Harper New” with Haley Crigger
Cincinnati Review, Winter 2023

Interview: “BLR Spring 2023 Reading” with Abba Belgraves
Bellevue Literary Review, Spring 2023

Press: “Caroline Harper New wins the 2023 Ballard Spahr Prize for Poetry”
Milkweed Editions, Spring 2023

Interview: “Have You Missed the Color Red?” with Jerrod Schwarz
Driftwood Press, 2023 Anthology

Featured International Guest Poet
Madagaslam Poetry Festival, Antananarivo, Madagascar, 2019

Dance collaboration featuring “When God Created the Animals”
Annual Mid-Atlantic North Region Conference, American College Dance Association
University of Maryland, 2017